Thursday, December 22, 2016

Tiny cuckoo clock ornament

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Here is just one more last minute ornament idea!

I absolutely love cuckoo clocks, and have been dying to get one for our house for years! 
I love all the hand-carved details in the house, the little woodland animals, the kitschy German landscapes
and of course, that fact that a birds comes out of a little door to say "cuckoo!".
So like many things I have yet to get, I will make a very tiny version for a dollhouse 
and wait patiently for the day, I get a real one in my own house!

 So starting off, this is made just like our gingerbread house, and the glitter houses.
Get your block of wood, and cut a card-stock roof, and triangle for support.
 Glue the triangle to the roof, and then the roof to the house.

I drew all the details on card-stock, added color with color pencil  and glued 
the little pieces onto the house shape.
 Then I used a thin jewelry chain, and a stick pin, to add those little acorns and the pendulum.
I attached them with super glue. 
You can hang this tiny cuckoo clock inside your dollhouse and it will instantly be much cozier.
This time of year, this would make a really cute ornament too, just attach some ribbon!

This is the last of our Christmas posts, so we hope you enjoyed them and they gave you
inspiration! We also hope you had a very happy holiday season!

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  1. Argh I love all your posts so much!!! Please can you tell me where you get the little blocks of wood and also strongly made matchboxes?? Thank you for your inspiration.