Thursday, February 2, 2017

New Things

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So just updating what we have been up too lately. Sarah has been super busy teaching classes on mosaics, soap making and other cool crafts. She has also been making these beautiful mosaic pieces (soon to be for sale on Etsy!) You will want to rush to get those, they really are beautiful. We will update in another post with all the information to her shop, and link to her classes if you in the Chicago area you can join in.

 I have been taking a pottery class and making just tons of stuff! I took classes in college but more for figure sculpting, this is just free and whatever I can come up with and I love it! I am sharing all of that work on my blog Not Too Pink Here is just a few images of what I have been working on;
Above and below, some "Lady Head" vases. 

These 2 (maybe sort of weird?) brooches went to my mom.

This raining cloud mobile

And a work in progress mobile, starring these guys!

I am also taking this amazing illustration class I will post about over there as well, much to share!

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