Wednesday, July 11, 2012

A Proper Bed for a Princess

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Making a "proper" bed for a true princess, can only mean one thing.
You will need one pea and lots and lots of mattresses.

We made our Princess and the Pea bed from popsicle sticks and fabric scraps.
(coffee stirrers, toothpicks and tongue depressors too.)

1. Build a simple base for the bed. Cut one popsicle stick in half,
so you have 2 equal pieces. Glue across the sticks.

2.Then add the full size sticks. We used 5 for ours.

3.Next, make your 4 bed posts by simply gluing 2 sticks together
for each post.

4. If you like, you can decorate them. We wanted them a little
"fancier" so we drew on the sticks once they dried, and colored
with marker.

5. Then get ready to attach the base to the posts. This is the trickiest part,
and requires the most patience.

6. We definitely suggest, using any props, or tricks to help hold the pieces
in place while the glue dries.  Tape, clothespins, old cell phones, empty tins.
Be creative, use what works!

7. Now you have a great start but it's a bit wobbly. So add braces in
the weak spots. We used cut up pieces of tongue depressor around the
base. Then coffee stirrers on the sides.

8. Dont' forget the pea! You must have one. (we used a shiny
pea-green bead.)

9. Next, pick through your fabric scraps, and find around 15 or so scraps.
Cut them roughly, 6 x 5", fold them horizontally, wrong sides out. Sew along 2
sides, creating a sort of mini pillowcase. 1/2" seem.

10. Turn them all inside out, and then use a very small amount of fluff
to stuff, you want them more flat than puffy. Little hands are a great help at this!
When finished, turn the inside edges in, and sew across the edge (roughly 1/4" seem) to close up the mattress.
You can handsew the closing for a more finished look.

11. Stack those mattresses up.
The kids noticed we needed a ladder too.
Made from coffee stirrers and toothpicks.

12.Find a potential princess, and test it out!

Goodnight, sleep tight!

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  1. Cute ;D

  2. Hi! I love your bed a lot. I postet it here:

    1. That is wonderful! Thank you so much Jessica.

  3. SOOOO darling!! What a terrific momma!! :)

  4. Totally love this. Princess and the Pea has stayed with me since I had the Ladybird Book of the story as a child.
    I love anything miniature though - we recently made miniature gardens. You can see them here: