Monday, March 11, 2013

Tiny Cryptozoology Worlds

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Cryptozoology, broken down literally, means the study of hidden animals. Some of the legends of  Cryptozoology include the Sasquatch (Big Foot), the Yeti, and the Loch Ness Monster! There are so many more creatures that can be included in this category,(and oh, we may get to those too!)  but these guys always hold my attention.

So, how appropriate to take these "hidden creatures", and create your own little hidden worlds for them, small enough to carry in your pocket.

Ok, we love re-using altoid tins on this blog, as you can see here, here and here... although, you could create your own box, or use a match doesn't have to be a tin for this to work.
Then I covered them with felt, to provide a little clue, as to what is inside!
The inside images are printed on cardstock, I used from my button sets. You could print out images from online,
or draw your own!

Hmmm...water, maybe?

Is that a tail I see?

It's Nessie!
Looks like something abominable inside....
It's the Yeti, and they look like they are having a Himalayan party in there!
Oh, this one's easy!
That's one Big Foot!

And yes, a family of Sasquatch are playing in the forest.

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  1. I love your big foot!
    So, its real :) !!!!!!
    Nice work!

  2. Not sure that anyone checks this blog anymore, but I'm a youth librarian in a public library and was going to use this craft in one of my programs this winter. Can I use one of the photos from this blog post in our promotional materials?