Thursday, December 20, 2012

Day 20 -Miniature Glitter Houses

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Day 20's tiny craft is mini glitter houses. You can start from the beginning of our 25 days of 
tiny Christmas crafts, right here!
I have a collection of vintage Christmas decorations, and one of my favorite items are the 
tiny houses, usually made from paper and often covered in glitter.

I thought it would be fun to make some myself, and even cuter to make them very tiny.
These are a little different process, using wood blocks to start (much easier!) and a plastic tree,
instead of  those bottle brush trees. 
But you can do whatever you like! They are easy enough to customize to your taste.
Just google image "vintage christmas glitter houses" and you will find tons of inspiration.

The making of the house, is the same process as our gingerbread house. (In fact Sarah's gingerbread house was the inspiration for this set of houses!)
The blocks we used, measured approx. 3/4", but you could make them bigger or smaller. Just scale
everything to match the size of the block.
I used card-stock paper, to cut a rectangle, that folds into the roof, and 
a triangle to support the roof, attaching with craft glue.
Once the roof is dry, attach it to the block of wood, w/ craft or wood glue.
I painted the houses all white.
We had some small little plastic ornaments, that were easy enough to turn into trees. Just 
snip off the loop on top, and sand the surface smooth with sandpaper.
Turn them upside down, and they make great trees!

I cut a rectangle from the same card-stock as the roof, to glue the house and tree too.
Then apply a thin amount of glue over all the white surface, using a q-tip or throw away brush.

Then sprinkle glitter all over, until every bit is covered!
This is a bit messy, and may not be the best project with small kids, as the glitter really
does get everywhere! Gently shake off the excess glitter.

I used some larger glitter for this house, and it didn't turn out as cute as I hoped. If you were making a larger house, (these are 1" x 2" including the base) then the large glitter would not overwhelm it so much.
I drew some tiny doors onto the card-stock, and used craft glue to attach to the house once the glitter dried.
Now set them in a wintry wonderland, and enjoy!

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