Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Day 18 Little Angel Treetopper

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This is day 18 of our Christmas Miniature Marathon. You can click on Day 1 to get started with "Shrink Your Favorite Book."

I made this angel by adapting a larger angel template.

To print out our template for the angel you can go to this Google Doc link. the template is definitely a little rough around the edges but it works great. I included several different sizes of angels. The one that is pictured here and used as a tree topper is the second-smallest one. you could also choose one of the larger ones and make one for each place setting at Christmas dinner or make a row of them for your mantle. 
What you do is cut out all of the pieces (cut the wing piece on a fold so you get a double wing) and color the wings silver or gold if you wish. For my head I used a clear bead. you could use a tiny ball of clay or anything round that looks like the right size.

I glued the tiny arm pieces by wrapping them around a dowel. I formed the body, bent the wings up in back and attached them. Then I inserted a straight pin through the bead and neck circle and glued it into the body. I left a 1/4 protruding so that I could add the halo. Our halo is a silver piece that goes around a rhinestone in a Bedazzler with the prongs folded under. You could also use a tiny loop of wire, tinfoil, or a silver pipe cleaner.

Check tomorrow's post, Day 19- make a tiny little elf!

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