Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Day 19-Tiny little elf

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Here we are at Day 19- we have a Tiny Little Elf. To start from the beginning, go here, for Day 1 of our
My kids are nuts for the little watcher elf, who sits around our house watching 
them, to report back to Santa. They named our's Buddy, after the movie Elf (a favorite this time of year!)
Our Elf has is an older version, we got him before the whole Elf on the Shelf craze took off!

This year, they had more questions about Buddy, esp. about his family, and background! They wanted
details!  So one day, this tiny little elf showed up, in Buddy's arms, and he has been hanging on our 
tree ever since! Turns out, this is Buddy's little brother, Skippy!

There is no real pattern for this guy, you would sort of just cut scraps and make as you go. He measures about 2 1/2" tall (sitting position). The bead for his head is about 3/4" wide, perfect for an acorn hat.
So, guessing from the construction, Santa must have made this little guy, from a pipe-cleaner armature, felt scraps, a wooden bead for the head, and an acorn top for the hat (and some magic, oh and craft glue ;)
Probably you could recreate this pretty easy, using a fine point sharpie for facial features.
 I'm no magical elfin toy maker, just guessing!

But my kids were so excited to discover him, and he fits perfectly into Buddy's arms!

Check back tomorrow for Day 20- miniature glitter houses, we are nearing the end!
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