Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Tiny Portable Peg Family

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We travel a lot, visiting our family in Ohio. It is quite a long drive from Chicago,
but I have to say my kids have really learned to entertain themselves on this 5 + hour long drive. 
(either that, or we pull the video games and dvd player out! I have to admit it, we do that too!)
They have been doing it since they were babies.
What I have learned is, new things keep them happily entertained. 
This can get costly, right? So here is a very inexpensive and easy little toy, that will entertain them on those long car trips. Also good for Dr. office waits, restaurant waits...you name it. Pull this toy out, and 
you just may have some happy little people. (for a little while at least!)
Plus, it's so tiny, it takes up almost no space in your bag.
I modeled this one after my own family.
(l to r.) My son Simon, daughter Ava, our wiener dog Alice, me and my husband Paul.
This particular peg is my son. He is going to turn 5, just a few days before Valentines Day. 
This is very important to him, since his sister's birthday has fallen on Thanksgiving, and his Dad's on Easter.
Valentines Day is his day!
So this is both a Valentine gift, and birthday gift, that will be presented to him in the car on our way to Ohio!
His sister has already seen this, is already jealous, and has already stated she NEEDS one too.
Of course.
So I used the tiny altoid tin. Then purchased these tiny, tiny wood pegs from the craft store.
I had a different idea for them, that didn't work out, then realized I could re-use these....and boy have I! 
(Another post coming soon, with yet another tiny peg idea!)
I just painted very simple color blocked  shapes, and added detail with a good, fine point, black ink, rolling ball pen.
Add a scenic interior. I used felt and trees...since it seems that is all we pass on our 
way there. Not complaining, these trees have inspired many of my drawings!
I can't wait to give this to him, I think he'll love it.

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