Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Mini Chalkboard Heart Messages

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My kids do enjoy picking out those boxes of store bought valentines every year,and they are 
a quick easy, way to give cards to a huge number of people.
 But it is always really special when you get a handmade card. 
It can be simple or complex, but it lets the person know you were thinking of them when you made it!
These chalkboard hearts are a cute, handmade way to leave your valentine a message.
They can be tucked in a school box, left on a door or hung from a bottle of wine.
They make a really cute teacher gift too.
You will cut the heart shape from a thin cardboard, and a slightly larger heart from your choice
of colored felt.  Using chalkboard paint, paint the cardboard hearts, and let dry.
You will glue the chalkboard heart to the piece of felt, using craft glue, but first,
pick a complimentary color ribbon or rick rack, glue the ribbon in between
the cardboard and felt, so the ribbon can act as a loop.Set aside to dry.

To make the little felt flower, follow these steps;
Cut 4 petals, 1 green leaf, and 1 small circle for the center from felt.

Get needle and thread, tie a knot at the end, and use a running stitch through 
the bottom of the petals.
Do this for all 4 petals.
Then gather all 4 petals, pushing them all the way towards then knotted end. 
I secure this in the back with a knot. 
Grab the small circle, and coming from the back of the flower, sew right 
up through the middle and back down. 2 stitches should hold it.
Grab your leaf
And sew to the back with a few secure stitches. 
Finish off the back by securing it all with a knot.
Trim off excess thread, and now your flower is ready.

Then you can attach the flower to the heart, again using craft glue. 
Leave a special message and surprise your Valentine!


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