Monday, January 28, 2013

Tiny Valentine's Day Button Books

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I love making tiny books. Valentine's Day is a good excuse to make some little books for my loved ones. I decided to use some scraps of craft paper than I have and then add a heart for each book. For my daughter I cut the heart out of old sheet music. My son the adventurer got a heart-shaped map. You may be using paper scraps like I am so don't worry about making your book a specific size.

You will need:
  • cardstock
  • paper scraps for heart
  • needle and thread
  • button
  • stapler or sewing machine
  • glue
  • thinner paper for inside pages
  • optional - glitter or paint pen to decorate hearts
 Cut the paper you want to use as the cover into a nice rectangle, fold neatly down the center, and decide if it looks like a good size. Trim it down to make it smaller if you want. Cut out a heart to glue on the front.

Cut out some paper to go inside the book. It will be a fraction smaller than your cover. I used regular white typing paper and one piece of purple paper o serve as the end pages. When you sack the pages remember that the first layer will be glued against the cover to hide your sewing so you can pick a colored or patterned paper for this page. Fold these inner pages in half and staple them. You also can use a sewing machine and sew right up the middle.

Sew a button on the front. 

If you want your book to close with a strand of yarn or embroidery floss, poke a hole in the back of the cover and insert the string through there and knot it or glue it down. Or, one of my books has a rubber band closure and I simple hand-sewed it to the back of the book. Make sure to pick a rubber band that will fit correctly around the button when the book is closed.

Now you will glue the first and last page of your book into the cover to assemble the book and hide your stitches. Your books are now ready to be given to a worthy recipient!

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