Thursday, December 6, 2012

Day 6 -Tiny holiday records

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We will be featuring tiny holiday projects every day until Christmas! This is the December 6 project. Check back tomorrow for another adorable idea.

One of the first things I do in December is get out all of our Christmas records so we can get into the holiday spirit with some of the Oldies. Why not print out and assemble some tiny dollhouse albums for your little holiday revelers?

For a turntable you can visit this site and learn how to make an awesome one. it very cleverly uses the back of a pin as a needle. It is also way too big for our house so you may want to modify it.

You can find our record templates at the Google Docs site. To assemble the record cover print out the templates. Cut and fold. Glue with the tabs inside.
We made our records out of a black vinyl folder, using a one-inch circle punch. Make a tiny hole in the center, add on a small circle label and you are all set. I include some blank records with the template so you can make your own. Simply find album art you want and shrink it down so that it fits in the box. Or draw your own covers!

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