Friday, December 7, 2012

Day 7 Fireplace and Stockings

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We are posting a daily miniature craft leading up to Christmas, you can start at Day 1 with our "Shrink Your Favorite Book" post and check out the daily updates.

Every dollhouse needs a fireplace. This one is decorated with tiny pebbles and looks good year-round but especially at Christmas when we can use to to hang our stockings. We provided instructions for the fireplace a few months ago. All you need is a small box and some stones and some heavy-duty glue.


For stockings you can use fabric scraps, felt, trim and anything you have laying around. You can sew them up or glue them together. Many people find an orange in their stocking on Christmas morning so it might be fun to make some tiny oranges....or lumps of coal!

Check back tomorrow, for Day 8 - Tiny  paper chains.

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