Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Day 5 - lots of candy canes

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Our 25 days of tiny Christmas crafts continues with day 5!
Every Christmas the candy canes come out, so naturally, we had to make some tiny ones, 
for the dollhouse.

These are so quick and easy, it's the perfect craft to make with the kids in your life.
Just get some red and white fimo, roll each color into a "snake" by rolling along
a flat surface with the palm of your hand. Then take the red and white, and gently roll those together.

Cut to about 1", and curl the top into a candy cane shape.

Or with a knife, cut even smaller pieces for peppermint candies!

You can make a lot of these, really fast.

These are really easy to turn these into a charm.  

Just make a loop out fimo, to add before baking, or attach a metal wire loop or 
jump-ring before baking. You could even attach after baking if you want with glue or epoxy.

Then, they can be turned into jewelry charms, wine charms, earrings, necklace, ornaments. 
Whatever you add these to, it will increase the cuteness!

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