Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Day 4 - mailbox and mail

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We will be featuring tiny holiday projects every day until Christmas! This is the December 4 project. Check back tomorrow, Day 5 for tiny candy canes or you can start from the beginning, Day 1 with shrinking your favorite books!

Your dollhouse family will be receiving lots of cards and packages this month. Here is how to make a tiny mailbox, packages and cards.

I made a box out of cardboard and painted it red. The hinge is two strips of felt, colored gold with a paint pen.  It would also be easy to paint and alter a matchbox for this mailbox.

For the letters you can print out envelope templates at the awesome Jim's printable Minis page. I found them to be on the large size so after pasting them into a word document multiple times just adjusted them to different sizes. He also has wonderful printable newspapers, sewing patterns and even a globe!
The packages are tiny scraps of wood wrapped in thin paper and decorated by myself and my children. A tiny stamp set would be very useful here but we improvised out own postal cancellation stamps with thin sharpies. 

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