Monday, December 3, 2012

Day 3-tiny Yule Log Cake

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This is day 3 of our 25 Days of tiny Christmas Crafts, check back to day 1 
if you would like to start from the  beginning!
I love the kitschy awesomeness of the Yule Log, and even more so as a cake. 
Also known as Buche de Noel.

So I had to make a teeny tiny one, out of Fimo clay.
1.Using tan and brown fimo clay, roll each piece into a flat, almost oval shape.
2. Stack the dark brown piece onto the tan piece.

3. Roll the 2 pieces into the log shape. (much like how you make the real cake!)
4. With a knife, cut of the messy ends. 

5. Save one of the ends you cut off, preferably, the one that looks best.
6. And attach to the top of the log, so it looks like a sawed off branch.

7. I used a knife to create a "bark like" texture on the log.
8. Next start to make the detail. Green fimo for holly leaves.

9. Make several leaves, for the top of the log, and some for the log to sit on. 
Don't forget the red holly berries.
10. Roll a small red ball, and even tiner white ones, to make the little toadstools.
11. Attach the tiny white balls, to the red one.
12. Gently roll this on a surface.
13. Until the white is flat on the red, creating a smooth surface.
14. Now gently cut the ball in half.
15. These are the tops of your 2 toadstools. Roll some white for the base of the toadstool.

16. Create a base for the cake to sit on. If you want to make this into an ornament, add a hole for ribbon. 
If this is just going to the dollhouse, leave this part out.
17. Now assemble all the pieces together, and bake according to the directions!

My fimo cake looks so good, I am now considering baking a real one for Christmas this year!
Here is a recipe, if you brave enough to attempt one yourself!

Check back tomorrow for Day 4-tiny mailbox and mail!

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