Friday, December 21, 2012

Day 21-Baby in a walnut shell

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Day 21- We have a baby in a walnut shell, you can start at the beginning of our
25 days of tiny Christmas crafts, here!

We certainly are fans of using walnuts in our tiny crafts, here at small world land! So of course, we 
realized the walnut shell makes an awesome tiny baby bed, for your dollhouse.
We even used one for our nativity of clothespin people. 

Just using a tiny wooden peg, and fabric scraps. I drew the face on with a fine point sharpe marker.
Secure things in place with craft glue.
You can leave it as is, or for the nativity set, I added a little pipe-cleaner halo to his head.

Also makes a really cute ornament!
Check back tomorrow for Day 22 of tiny crafts.

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