Friday, November 16, 2012

Walnut Shell Mayflower - place-card holders

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Walnut boats are a classic craft to make with kids. We even posted about these on our blog here.
I thought about using these boats as place card holders for Thanksgiving, but making them Mayflower boats for the occasion.  This is perfect for the kids table, and they can keep the boat to take home too! Plus they float, so they can even be displayed in a water glass.
In our other post, we used clay, this time I thought wax would look nice.
1. I used white card stock for the sails. Either cut into a rectangle, or
 trim a curve in the sides like I did.
2. I used my tiniest hole-punch, to make the holes at the top and bottom 
of the sails.

3. Decorate your sails. I added the names for a place-card.
4. You will need 2 toothpicks for each boat. I trimmed about 1/4"
off one, so the front sail sits lower.

5. Stick the toothpick through one of the holes on the sail.
6. Then through the other hole.  Set these sails aside.

7. I heated up the wax with a candle wax warmer.
8. Once melted, I used a plastic spoon and fill the walnuts carefully to 
the top.  Then let them cool. 
Once they are almost dry, stick the sails in, and allow the wax to finish hardening.

When you are done, the boats are ready for the water! 
Have a Happy Thanksgiving!

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