Thursday, January 24, 2013

Mini Scout Sash

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Sarah found her mother's old scout sash, full of all the beautiful embroidered badges, and 
we were discussing how cute it would be to frame. Then of course it got us 
thinking about making a tiny version for the dolls, and well, framing that too!
So, I scanned in her mother's sash, and shrunk it down to make a tiny version for our tiny 

They are earning a camping badge.
Of course, roasting marshmallows!
Our little scout modeling the sash.
I made a little scouting journal for her too. 
We also made a larger version, for one of my daughters favorite dolls.

Here is Sarah's mother with the original sash.

The sash is also really adorable framed in a shadow box for display. I made a tiny
little white blouse and wire hanger for display only, not quite quality enough for a doll to wear, 
but I like the wonky handmade messiness of it.
You could easily use doll clothes if you wanted to display your own.

Click the link here and you can download the free pdf. 
 You just need to print it onto printable fabric transfer sheets, iron onto muslin and sew up the tiny sash!

Tah-dah! I think just in making this, I must have earned some kind of badge, right?

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  1. Do you have a print out for the little girl scouts journal? I would really like to make one of those:3

    1. Hi there, there is a link above, you can use to print out the sash. Or use this;

      Good luck! Let us know how it turns out!