Sunday, December 16, 2012

Day 16 - Embroidery-redwork snowflake

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Day 16's tiny Christmas Craft is a redwork snowflake.  You can start from the beginning of our
tiny crafts with Day 1, Shrink your favorite books.

I just made up a very tiny, simple pattern, to suggest a snowflake, keeping the dimensions within 1".
Very simple, very quick.
I then cut the fabric out, to press into my 1" button maker. If you do not have 
a button maker, you can buy a set to make covered buttons at most craft and fabric stores. 

I used my scalloped scissors to cut a small circle felt base, for the background. I picked a cute ribbon, to glue in between layers with craft glue.

And there we have another sweet, easy, handmade ornament. This could also hang on the wall 
of your dollhouse, (without the ribbon) as a little redwork piece or add a pinback and it becomes a brooch.

Check for tomorrow's post, Day 17-Clothespin Kings.

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