Friday, March 21, 2014

Little Fimo Chocolate Bunnies

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Easter always brings to mind the images of chocolate bunnies!
I have to admit, I rarely find any of the giant chocolate bunnies to taste very good, but I feel they
need to be included every Easter for some strange reason. 

Well these little bunnies look cute and chocolatey but are not edible, they are for play!

 They are very easy and quick to make too!

Here is what you will need;
  • +Fimo clay in shades of brown and dark brown, white, and pink
  • +a toothpick
  • +small knife (like pearing knife) or sharp clay tools

 So first, you see all the shapes you will need to make. The final bunny is just over 2" tall.
Roll your clay into the following shapes, just molding with your hands
  • Brown oval shape for body, about 1" tall
  • 2 brown flat circles for legs, about 3/4" tall
  • 2 brown small rolled ovals for feet
  • 1 brown perfectly rolled ball for head, about 1/2"
  • 2 brown 1" flat ovals for ears
  • 2  lighter brown/white flat ovals for inside ear
  • 1 lighter brown/white 1/2" long flat oval for belly
  • 1 pink tiny little triangle for nose
  • 1 pink rolled ball for tale, about the size of a pea
When the pieces are ready, take the two brown flat circles and attach to sides of the main body shape.Position the feet on bottom, facing front.

 Using the knife or flat tool, smooth the edges across the back of bunny, so they look like one surface. Leave edges on sides and front, to make legs.

Next, position the lighter brown/white pieces on the ears and belly. Flatten them a bit so they become more flush with the surface.
 Get the head and attach the ears side by side to the back. Use the same technique with the knife, so flatten the edges smooth on the back of the head.
 Then get the head ready to attach to the body. Rough up the "neck" area and the bottom of the head, so they  attach better.
I curled one ear slightly, just because it is cuter.
 Again, smooth out edges in back of head, so it becomes one surface.
Add the pink triangle nose to center of face.
Use toothpick to poke an eye on either side of nose.
Roughen up the areas where the tail will attach to bunny, then attach. I gave the tail a little more texture just using my finger nail, so it was not a perfect ball. 
Use the knife again to lightly add "hairlike" texture over surface of bunny. 
Also, the toothpick along the paws, for toenails.

Then bake in the over, following directions on the clay.

Now they just need somewhere to live! 
Bunny house coming soon!

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