Thursday, March 13, 2014

Greek Goddess Paper Dolls

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 I just made my kids something I wish I had had as a young girl. Magnetic, Greek Goddess Paper Dolls.
I am aware how nerdy this is.

We went to the library, pretty much weekly when I was a kid, and each got to pick out our own selection of books, and movies. One day I discovered this book,  D'Aulaires Book of Greek Mythology  and I never forgot it. I poured over all the information inside, and studied the illustrations.  I would return the book, and quickly check it out again. This is where I learned all about Greek Mythology and really, never forgot it. 

So, I really enjoyed coming up with these dolls and finding the right distinctive items to showcase each goddess with dress and hair.
 The doll is a simple Greek maiden with braided, pulled back hair and simple white dress. 

 Artemis-goddess of the hunt, archery, children, animals, virginity, the moon.
(she was my favorite, when I first read about them)
 Athena -goddess of Wisdom and defense, handicrafts, strategic warfare.
(she is my new favorite!)
 Hera - Queen of the gods, marriage and family.
 Aphrodite-goddess of love, beauty and desire.
 Hestia -goddess of the hearth and family.
Demeter-goddess of fertility, agriculture, nature, the seasons.

Here is the link to the pdf if you would like to print out and make your own paper dolls. (not for resale!)
Just print them onto a sturdy paper like cardstock and then cut them out. Glue thin magnet paper onto the backs and you are ready to play.
I will be making a set for the gods too, the goddesses were just more fun to make and came first!

If you want to learn more about the Greek Gods and Goddesses online, here is a start. Although I prefer the book I mentioned above.

I came across this quiz too, and just for fun had to take it. I got Athena! (although it was pretty easy to manipulate that, I thought)

Which Greek God are You?

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