Monday, February 24, 2014

'Little Red' Matchbox Paper Dolls

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 So lately it seems I am a bit obsessed with re-purposing matchboxes into little worlds.
I have also always bit a bit obsessed with fairy tales, so what a perfect match this little project has made!
 Outside, the tiny box displays a deep forest and title, "Little Red", giving a clue 
to what is inside.
 Another forest scene with a path and tiny Little Red Riding Hood and one Big Bad Wolf paper dolls
to play with.

This was very simple to make.
  • one small matchbox
  • decorative tape
  • paper (or photos)
  • drawing items of choice if you choose to draw your own. Pen, marker,colored pencil, water color, etc.
  • glue
  • scissors
  • ruler
  1.  Just measure the cover and inside dimensions of matchbox to create the inside image and cover in these same dimensions. Use printed images, magazine cut outs, photos, or draw by hand as I did on paper.

2. I used decorative tape to cover the edges, inside and out.
3. The characters measure about 2" tall and were drawn on heavy card-stock.
4. You could glue your printed images or photos to card-stock to give the paper dolls more stability.
5. For the scalloped edge I just used scalloped edge scissors, and cut a thin trim.  Glue it to the top edges of the matchbox, finishing it off nicely.

This makes such a sweet gift, and fun, portable little toy for someone special.

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  1. Can you make an Alice in wonderland please. Or can you give me any fun and poppy match box creations, it's for a project and I really need some help on ideas but I love your Red Riding Hood box.