Thursday, May 16, 2013

Shrinky Dink Barrettes

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My daughter has a crazy head of thick curls, that is in constant need of some kind of hairband, barrette or something or other to tame it. We have an endless supply here, and she is pretty bored with them all, so I 
decided to personalize some for her.

All I needed was Shrinky Dink paper, my pencils, and some felt.
I asked her some characters she would like, and her list was endless....chickens, pigs, things I 
do not even know how to begin to draw! So we settled this time, for a cute hedgehog, a red bow, and
a cute Spring flower.

I just drew the images in pencil, and added color with colored pencil.
Shrunk per instructions. 
Then using craft glue, attached them to their felt backgrounds, adding detailed edges with 
pinking shears and scalloped edge scissors.

We already had tons of those metal hair clips and hairbands lying around ( and boy do I love using what I 
already have lying around!)   Then using the hot glue gun, just attached them to the clips or band. 
I was also going to try making headbands, but the images shrunk a little too small to work on 
the headband. Still getting the hang of, just how tiny the images get!

Now every hair is in its place, (ha! not really, but we try our best) and she is ready to go!
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