Thursday, May 2, 2013

Fairy Tale Peg Pendants

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I have had a love for fairy-tales for as long as I can remember. They still influence
my art, and I am always pushing them on my children! (they went as Little Red Riding hood and the Big bad
wolf for Halloween a few years ago.)
So after seeing the adorable peg ninjas  Sarah made last week, and this cute link  she shared with me, 
it was quite natural that I would make these;

Little Red Riding Hood and The Big Bad Wolf pendants for my kids.

They really like them, whew!

I just used the simple wooden pegs you can find at any craft store, and painted them
with acrylic paint, also a little bit of Sharpie marker for some details. I used craft glue to add
some felt details on the wolf. Felt ears, muzzle, tail, and some fur on his chest, cut with pinking shears.
I screwed those little picture hanging loops into the tops of the heads first, and strung some cute 
rik rak  so they can hang around their necks. 
  You could also shorten the string, and it makes a really cute little 
character to hang on their backpack for older kids.
Cute and portable!
I wonder how many other characters we could come up?

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