Thursday, April 25, 2013

A Bag of Ninjas

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 This week, I decided to use some extra tiny peg people that I have to make little Greek Gods for my children. My son was going to get a little Hermes and my daughter would be represented by the wise and powerful Athena. Unfortunately, I am not a very good painter. My little figures looked pretty bad. You can see by looking at these ninja figures that I am still not a very good painter but now I have a decent excuse for my figures to look sort of amateur-ish: I wound up changing the Greeks into ninjas and letting my six year-old son help me with the project.
My son Meka was home from school working on his own peg person while I tried in vain to make Greek gods. He took a large one and started painting and quickly transformed it into an adorable ninja. I decided to let him help me fix up the other two peg people into ninja apprentices.

This is a really easy project to make for a child or with a child. You can even use markers in a pinch. I used acrylic paint.
  • Paint the entire peg person black.
  • Add an off-white rectangle or oval where the eyes will go.
  • Draw 2 eyes on with a permanent marker
  • Use paint pens or other paint to make belts, sashes, etc.
  • Varnish or Mod Podge. I used varnish and it smeared a lot of the paint around so I wold opt for the glossy Mod Podge in the future.
If you want to attach a sword or a coil of rope or any other accessories wait until the gloss finish is dry then affix them with super glue or colored tape.
I sewed a simple drawstring bag for the trio. You could also decorate a little box. Another cute option would be to put an eye-screw into the top of one of the smaller figures and hang it from a backpack.

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