Friday, December 14, 2012

Day 14- Mini god's eye ornament

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This is Day 14 of our Christmas Miniature Marathon. If you'd like, you can start with Day 1 and "Shrink Your favorite Books."
God's eyes are very cute when shrunk down to hang on the tree or display in the dollhouse window. They are also a very meaningful baby gift. Traditionally known as Ojo de Dios, the Huichol people of Mexico made them for a new baby. The father made the center eye, then a new color eye was added each year until the child reached age 5. So you will be misappropriating the tradition a bit, but you could make a tiny God's eye with 4 colors for a 4 year old, or a single color one for an infant.
I used two skinny balsa wood pieces for my cross and embroidery floss for the stripes (or eyes.) You also could use toothpicks. The pointy kind would be best as they are the same diameter their whole length.  
If you can't remember how to wind the thread you can visit Wikihow for a good step-by-step tutorial.

When I changed colors I tucked the old thread under with a dot of glue and started with the new strand. You also could knot the new thread onto the old one. Enjoy your God's Eye.

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