Thursday, December 13, 2012

Day 13- Tiny Tinsel Christmas Tree

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We are on Day 13 already! Time for a tree! You can see our 12 other days and projects starting here, with Day 1.
You can make your own tiny Tinsel Christmas tree, with some pipe-cleaners, beads and an old wooden bobbin!
So cute to add to your dollhouse, or just to add to your Christmas decor!

Start with silver pipe-cleaners, and cut one, 4 1/2" piece for the tree base. 
Then cut two 3" pieces, two 2" pieces and two 1& 1/2" pieces.

You will just twist each piece onto the base, leaving 1 & 1/2" at the bottom of the tree for the base.
 The largest two pieces will go on the bottom, smallest at the top.

Just twist them on in opposite directions, so the tree is 3 dimensional and not flat.

For ornaments, I used colorful beads, that easily stuck onto the ends of each "branch".
You could use glue to secure in place.

Then find a nice wooden bobbin for your base, cut a small felt circle for the bottom.
This keeps things in place, and helps it stand.

Set the base of the tree inside.
You could also glue this, to make more secure.


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