Friday, November 2, 2012

A Tiny Cage for Spot

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Our dollhouse has a resident dog, little Spot. I decided today to make him some tiny accessories, starting with a doghouse. I began by deciding how big a house I would need. Based on Spot being on the small size I got the measurements for a doghouse and adjusted it for the 1/12 ratio. I came up with a house that would be 2.2 inches square.

  • go to Ideogram and use their box template maker to generate a pattern 2.5 inches square (or the size of your choice.)
  • print out the pattern and cut it out.  
  • trace the pattern onto thin cardboard. (I used a Triscuit box, but a Milk Bone box would have been even more appropriate.) Save the paper template for the roof.

  • Cut a half circle out of the cardboard for a door. You can do this freehand.
  • Cut out the rest of the cardboard pieces and score on the fold lines.
  • To assemble, glue one or two edges at a time and use making tape to hold the piece in place while it dries.

  • make a roof by using two of the squares from the template and adding a triangle. (See photo.)

  • the roof goes on last. it should fit over the bottom part. I glued it and used tape to hold it on while it dried..

  • I painted my doghouse with multiple layer of acrylic paint. I went with the old standby red and brown but you could match the doghouse to the dollhouse for more cuteness.
  • After I painted the doghouse I thought it looked sort of flimsy so i wound up gluing over the side and roof with felt and fabric. I think it looks much better. you can see both finishes in the pictures.

Add a sign and your tiny dog has a tiny house!

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