Thursday, September 20, 2012

Pom Pom Fairy Acorns

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If you come across some acorns like these in your trees, look closely, you may find a fairy nearby!
If not, you could also try to make your own because they are pretty cute.

Here is how;

Start off with a pom pom, we made our own pom poms which are really easy to make,
and look even better than the store bought ones.
You can buy pom pom makers, or cut one like I did here. You can even just use 2 fingers, and 
wrap the yarn around them.

1 .So, I like to start with one strand of yarn in the middle of the 2 sides, that can later be used to tie off the middle of the pom pom. I have just found this to be easier.
2. Lay the other piece on top of the yarn.
3. Start wrapping yarn around the middle. Just make sure that loose strand in the middle, stays loose.
 The more yarn, the bigger and denser the pom pom. 

4. When you are done wrapping it, turn it upside down and see if those ends are sticking out.
5. Just pull them together and get ready to tie a knot. You can't pull it as tight
as it needs to be at this point, but you can get all your yarn gathered.

6. Tie that knot.
7. Now turn it rightside up, and cut along the round edge, straight through the yarn.

8. Now the cardboard is loose, so just pull the pieces off. 
9. And now you can really pull the knot as tight as it needs to be. I make a double knot.

10. So grab those strings you just used to tie the knots, and shake the pom pom out. You should have an unruly, messy pom pom now.
11. Take your scissors, and clean it up to a more uniform ball. (or leave it messier if you like!) Just a little at a time, it can shrink to a tiny pom pom fast!

So, now that you have the pom poms, go get some acorn tops!

The tutorial pom pom, was make with a wool roving yarn. These pom poms above were
 made with cotton yarn. 2 very different looks.
1. Get your supplies. Pom poms, acorn tops, and glue.
2. So simple, using craft glue, fill the acorn top and then attach it to the pom pom.

3. If you want your acorn to hang, then just fold over your ribbon of choice, 
and slip it in between the pom pom and acorn top, when you glue it.

Now  let them dry, and think of all the cute places to hang them.
attached to a gift, 
in a tiny fairy home,
 in a tree or plant,
off of a lamp, 
I mean, c'mon it's endless!

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