Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Old-Fashioned Desk Set

I just finished a whole bunch of Sherlock Holmes books and am thinking about making a little corner of Holme's sitting room that would comprise of Doctor Watson's desk and chair and book case. I am having a lot of fun figuring out what to include in this little scenario. I got started with the project today by making a desk set for Doctor Watson's desktop. I loosely interpreted my desk set from the awesome book Making Dollhouse Miniatures with Polymer Clay by Sue Heaser. Sue's desk set is way more professional-looking and also uses metallic silver powder to give it a great finish. I used silver Sculpey III that I had and what materials I could find in our house. I still think the results are pretty cute!

Step 1- Roll out some thin Sculpey and cut out your tray. I cut a rectangle of paper 1 3/8 inch x 3/4 inch and used it as a guide to cut my silver Sculpey rectangle.

Step 2 -  I rolled out some very thin tubes of clay and added it on as an edge.

Step 3 - Find two glass beads to be your inkwells. They should be around 3/16 inch diameter and a cylinder shape. Stick them into the tray hard to make an indentation where they will stand. Use a toothpick or sewing needle to make a mark where a pen would rest.

Step 4- Not pictured very well but roll out small silver clay balls and cut them in half. Use two of them as lids on top of your beads and one half in the middle as the pen stand,

Step 5- Make a feather. If you can find a tiny one that would be the best solution. I did not have a small feather so I cut a feather-shaped template from paper and glued a toothpick sliver onto it then covered both sides with pieces of white feather. When it was dry I trimmed it.

Step 6 - Roll up 4 tiny balls into feet.
Step 7- follow your directions and bake in the oven. Feet will not be attached yet and feather will not be included. Glass jars will be stuck into their spots.
Step 8 - After it all cool glue the balls onto the bottom.

Step 9 - Add your feather and you are all done! Note that my trim did not stay on the tray very well. I probably should have done a better job scoring it and attaching it.

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