Monday, July 30, 2012

Thank you!

We are thrilled with all of the new visitors to our very, very young blog. We welcome you, and thank you!

We are learning as we go,  but we are having lots of fun and it makes us so happy that there are people out there enjoying what we have to share already. We are also eager to learn from the dollhouse and miniature's community already out there.

If you like what you see on our page, please subscribe to our blog! We also have a facebook page, to keep track of our updates, and other inspirational miniature things.
Then there is our Pinterest page, chock full of visual inspiration. We also appreciate your comments, and try to respond to you in a timely manner. Of course, thanks to those of you who already have been following us.

Like many of you, we have been longtime fans of dollhouses and small worlds, we hope to continue, we have lots of plans for the future and we hope that you viewers enjoy what we have to share!

thanks! -Corinne  (with dollhouse, age 5, at the Taft Museum)

 Sarah (with dollhouse, age 5, at home)

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