Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Little Beaded Lamps

You can make a really fancy little lamp using beads and beading wire.  Basically you take a straight stick and add whatever beads you want.  The bottom bead should be wide and flat so that the lamp will stand up. Near the top is one that is shaped like a flower or lampshade. Above the lamp shade bead put one or two beads to top things off, then see if you like the arrangement. Once you have the lamp you want, you can take the beads off and put them back on the wire. This time put a dot of super glue between each bead. Snip off any extra wire at the top when it is all dry and you have made a pretty lamp in just minutes! Once we figure out what to do with the big bamboo piece that my son insisted was perfect for his farmhouse lamp I will add more photos!

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