Friday, February 7, 2014

Jolly Roger Pencil Holder

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I am making a little felt pirate play set. This first part of the post is where I show how easy it is to make a cute box to hold the pieces. The second part of the post shows how to make the pirates, trees and other accessories. The box is really nice on its own, though, and would just make a nice pencil box makeover without even putting the toys inside.

  • felt-  black, white, blue and colors of your choice
  • craft glue
  • plain pencil box
  • scissors

  1. Cut out the Jolly Roger pieces from white felt.
  2. Cover the top of the box with black felt
  3. Cover the sides with the colors of your choice. I added stripes to the front
  4. Line the inside of the box with ocean blue felt and add some waves if you want to
  5. Glue on the skull pieces and let it dry.

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