Friday, January 17, 2014

Stick Puppet Stage Valentine

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I personally love nothing more than a handmade Valentine, from just about anyone!
Even more, I love to make them for others. So I will share here one idea that is pretty fun.
This will go to one of my children.

Here we set the stage!
Just pull up the curtain flap....
To reveal a sweet couple, and cupid waiting to take aim.
They look 3-d, but there is another surprise...

They are also stick puppets so the recipient can interact
and make their own story.

This is really not to difficult to make, whether you draw your own or not.
Just gather some supplies;
*Thick, card-stock paper
*colored pencils, drawing materials if you choose to draw your own, or magazine clippings and/or photos
if you wish to use that.

The card measures 5 1/2" wide x 3 1/2" tall, closed. (7"open)
The stick figures measure about 2" give or take.
You can easily customize this if you are not using an envelope, and make any size you want.
If using an envelope to mail just check the sizing. Here is an example of some options in standard envelopes.
You can glue or tape the toothpick securely to the back of the puppets. I ended up just
using tape, since they were pretty lightweight.
Once you have decided on your size, time to design the stage!
I drew my own, which I think could be really cute if drawn by a child.
But if you prefer to go the printed image way, here are just some examples 
that can be found with google for stages. Print out, and glue to the inside of the card.
Trace the negative space inside the curtain, for your opening flap-curtain.

As I said, you can draw your own characters, as I did, or use images of people you know, such as
you and your significant other, your kids, your pets! Personalize it, make it your own, because that
is what makes the handmade Valentines so special.

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