Friday, December 6, 2013

Shrink Your Favorite Art

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It is gift time again in our house and as usual I am trying make presents that are easy, inexpensive and have a personal touch. Last year I made these really cute mini books for the readers in my life. This year I decided to do something similar and shrink down everyone's favorite artwork to make some ornaments.
I opened up a blank Word file and then just copied images from the internet that I liked and pasted them into my document until I had a page full of beautiful paintings. At this stage you can either print out your images yourself or send them to a printer. I have a really crummy color printer so I sent my Word document to a nearby Fedex store using their website and they printed it for me onto white cardstock. It cost about $2 a page and is far higher quality than what I can do at home. If you print it at home on paper you may want to glue it to some tagboard so it has a little bit of thickness to it.

  • Artwork cut out
  • Scotch tape
  • felt scraps
  • beading wire or thin plastic beading string
  • craft glue
  • beads
  • scissors
  1.  String some beads onto a wire until it is a nice-sized loop that will support your ornament on the tree
  2. Tape the wire onto the back of a painting
  3. Apply craft glue all over the back of the painting and in particular around the wire and attach a piece of felt
  4. trim the felt around the edges so it only overlaps a tiny amount like a frame


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