Friday, November 22, 2013

Felt Fold-Up Snowman Toy

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I love making easy felt crafts. I am also not much of a seamstress. The fact that you can just cut out shapes from felt and use them without having to hem or sew makes crafting with felt nearly as simple as crafting with paper. Felt sticks to felt, also. Wool felt sticks best to wool felt but if you use acrylic felt you can roughen up the back with a brillo pad and it will cling well enough to use on a flat surface. I decided with the holidays approaching it would be fun to make a little snowman felt board that folds up and can be transported to a party for children to play with or to present as a small gift to someone. 
  • Assorted small felt pieces. You will need white for the snowman and colors of your choice for accessories like gift boxes, tree, twig arms, candy canes, polka dots etc.
  • One 9 x 12" piece of felt in the color of your choice for the board.
  • Two long strips of felt 12" long for the border. I used pinking shears to make these pieces cuter.
  • Craft glue. When you glue felt you can't use school glue as it will peel right off later.
  • Ribbon to tie the packet closed.
  1. Cut out lots of felt shapes for your snowman. I cut out three white circles for the body then made some twig arms and a carrot nose. I glued the black circle eyes and buttons onto the snowman since they are tiny and would probably get lost if they were loose.
  2. Cut out lots of accessories. I made candy canes, gift boxes, a tree, a broom, ear muffs, and several scarves.
  3. Cut out a rectangle of felt for the base or use a precut one sold at craft stores, which will already be 9 x 12".
  4. Glue polka dots all over one half of the rectangle.
  5. Glue ribbon pieces to the edge 1/4 up from each end.
  6. Secure the ribbon pieces by gluing your border piece on top of them.
  7. I made a little envelope to hold the pieces while they are tucked into the packet. If you decide to do this I just folded a piece of felt in half and sewed up the sides. It doesn't close.
  8. Wait for everything to dry and surprise a small child in your life with an indoor snowman.

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