Friday, October 25, 2013

Quick Curly Tailed Felt Mouse

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This a quick way to make a little felt mouse, or many little felt mice. I used black felt, 2 red beads for eyes and thin wire inserted into the tail so you make it stand up.

  • Felt
  • beads or buttons for eyes
  • wire
  • sewing machine or hand sewing supplies
  • Cotton stuffing, rice or herbs of your choice. I used dried lavender
  1. Make a paper template for your mouse. I drew a right triangle (remember Geometry?) And rounded the edges a bit to make it more like a mouse silhouette.

2. Trace the template onto your felt. You will need two pieces. Also cut out some different traingles to experiment with for ears and a long thin piece that will fold over to become the tail,

3. Pin and sew up the mouse. You can do this by hand using a simple overhad stitch. When it is nearly sewn up fill it with the stuffing of your choice.
4. Sew up the rest of the mouse.
5. Add ears. I pinched mine at the bottom to make a little fold.
6. Fold the tail in half, pin, and sew.
7. Insert a thin wire into the tail and sew the end up.
8. Attach tail to mouse.

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