Thursday, October 3, 2013

Magnetic Monster Mash

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We are so excited for October. The leaves are falling, the air is cooler, and best of all, we can decorate for Halloween!
We are also thrilled to have 2 Halloween crafts featured in the latest copy of  Kids Crafts 123.

One of the projects we show is the quick and fun Magnetic Monster Mash.
You may remember our Magnetic Ice-Skater back in January, which was quite a hit with the kids, so to make it even better, we added more movers and now we have a whole dance party!

 I used a washed out tuna tin, and simply created a new label. I drew the "monsters"
by hand on heavy card stock paper and cut them out. They range from 1" to 1 1/2" tall.
If you don't want to draw them, you can use photo's of your kids or friends, cut them
from magazines, there are many options.

  Bend a paperclip in an L shape, and attach it to the back of your dancer with a piece of tape.

We have here a witch, a vampire, Frankenstein's Monster and a werewolf.

I made as many as would fit inside the tin, but still giving them room to move around.
They will slide, and flip over, and run into each other, which seems only to make it  that much 
more entertaining to my kids.

You will need a very strong magnet, then move across the bottom of the tin and watch your monster mash!

You can see our projects, along with tons of other great ideas in the latest issue of  Kids Crafts 123!
Check it out here if you want more Halloween ideas.

latest issue

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