Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Mod Podge Fruit Blocks

My sister just gave me a box of wooden blocks that are a little scratched up but still perfectly nice blocks. I happened to be rereading my mom's awesome 70's craft book Creating with Tissue Paper by Babara Stephen and she has a really cute project making decorated blocks. So the timing was right, and I decided to seize the moment and make some fruit blocks!

The blocks in her book have simple, vaguely Scandinavian motifs glued on them from cut up tissue paper. She included lots of cool animals and shapes. I decided to stick with fruit and stripes.

All I did was gather all of my tissue paper together, find some scissors and matte Mod Podge, and start my project. To make my shapes I Google each fruit item and look at lots of images and then cut mine out free hand. You could also trace or draw ahead of time. I try to keep my fruit very simple but have it still be easily recognizable. The blueberries aren't that great but the other fruit turned out to be pretty easy to make. I am actually thinking of branching out and adding veggies to the collection.

Here is that great book I told you about:
She has so many gorgeous project, all made from tissue paper. I look forward to making some lampshades next.

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