Friday, July 12, 2013

Miniature Ouija Board

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I have always been fond of the Ouija Board. Yes, it is made by Hasbro and comes in a cardboard box. But, when I was a kid, taking out a Ouija Board at a sleepover party was a recipe for serious terror. You sit with the board on a table and two people across from one another with their hands on the planchette, which is the heart shaped plastic piece and supposedly, with your hands resting lightly on the thing it will start to sail around the board spelling out messages, guided by spirits. You can imagine that putting two 7th grade girls at a table with their hands "resting lightly" on the pointer can result in lots of messages being transmitted from the spirit world. Anyway, I had a ton of fun with my Ouija board as a girl and I thought it would be fun to make a miniature one for my dollhouse family. they are very old fashioned looking, as you can see, and the Vcitorian era was a time when seances and spiritualism were very popular.

I made my board by using Google images to just find a good photo and shrink it down. Same for the box. this blue box is not the one that the Ouija board is currently packaged in but has an old-fashioned look to it that I like. I glued thin plastic over each piece to make them sturdier. After I assembled the box I realized it is basically a matchbook box size so I probably should have just used a matchbox instead of starting from scratch. The Planchette is cut out of thin cardboard and underneath I glued some tiny beads so it will slide.

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