Friday, June 7, 2013

Birdhouse pocket game

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Sarah had this great idea to make these little pocket games. I remember these as a kid,  rolling the ball
around to get it in that tiny indented spot it belongs in. 
I have no idea what these games are called, if anyone knows, please tell me! But I do 
remember getting these sort of things at carnivals, and especially our dentist office.
We always had a giant treasure box of plastic toys to pick through after getting our teeth cleaned, as 
a reward for no cavities!

So here is our version. I used my own birdhouse print, and you try to get the ball into the birdhouses.
You could use an image found in a magazine, a favorite children's book, (although I could never bring myself to cut a book up!), draw one yourself or even use a picture of someone you know. 
It could be hilarious or maybe just creepy, to roll the ball, trying to fit it over the eyes!

But here is how we did it.
 I used the lid from an old pickle jar, traced the size onto my image, and also traced the lid size onto 2 sheets of acetate (found from random office supplies). Have marker, scissors and tiniest hole punch ready.
 I laid the first sheet of acetate over the image, and used marker to mark where the holes needed to 
be punched.
 Then punched the holes out.   The image is then glued into the lid and you match up to holes of acetate, and lay this on top.
I had to use a bit of clear tape, to ensure they were secure, and the acetate would not move after it was all sealed up.
 I picked some tiny beads in a cute color, to roll around for our game. 
 Take the last sheet of acetate and attach to top of lid with super glue.
I realized the edge where the acetate meets the lid looks messy, so decided to add a cute felt trim. I finished off the edge with scalloped edge scissors, this edge then folds over, covering the messy part, secured in place with a bit of craft glue!

Another handy toy to keep for those unexpected waits (an alternative to the iphone!). 

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