Tuesday, March 19, 2013

What is in Ms. Marple's Desk?


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“I’m afraid that I have a tendency always to believe the worst. Not a nice trait, but so often justified by subsequent events.”
-          Ms. Jane Marple

I am a big fan of all mysteries. Last fall I made Dr. Watson's desk to celebrate Sherlock Holmes' sidekick and roommate. Even closer to my heart, however, is Ms. Jane Marple. I have been reading and rereading Agatha Christie mysteries since I was a teenager. Once I caught the literary roombox bug it seemed natural to have my second box be a homage to the beloved elderly crime fighter. My husband built me a nice wooden box and assembled her desk from a kit that we bought for $1. I purchased a pretty china chair, rug, table, suitcase, frames and a vase. I then added as many items as I could think of that evoke Ms. Marple and her adventures. For the sake of brevity I will caption these photos and then at the bottom just list everything that can be found in her room and inside the desk drawers.

Ms. Marple always is knitting something "white and fluffy."
Ms. Marple travels quite a bit. her suitcase has tags from some of the places where she has solved mysteries, including Bertram's Hotel.
Clock set to 4:50 (From What Mrs. McGillicuddy Saw), her favorite section of the newspaper, appropriate artwork and a tray on the desk filled with calling cards from the residents of St. Mary Mead.
What else is in Ms. Marple's room and inside her desk drawers?

-          The Births and Deaths section of the newspaper.
-          A painting of a pastoral English landscape, possibly obtained when she went on Tour No. 37 of the Famous Houses and Gardens of great Britain. (Ticket stub is in the drawer.)
-          A shell mirror from the island of St. Honore
-          A print by her favorite artist, Blair Leighton
-          Calling cards from her friends and neighbors
-          A basket from Mr. Thomas’ shop.
-          Her knitting, which always is “something white and soft and fluffy.”
-          A rose from her garden
-          A To Do listing her many causes around St. Mary Mead. (The Girl Guides, The Rectory Bazaar etc.)
-          An invitation to the Tuesday Night Club
-          Her suitcase, ready to go at a moment’s notice, tagged from previous trips with labels from Bertram’s Hotel, the Golden Palm Hotel, the Crown Hotel and Keston Spa Hydro
-          Binoculars
-          Gardening spade
-          Clock set to 4:50
-          Culpeper’s Complete Herbal
-          A Raymond West novel
-          An invitation to a Joan West gallery opening
-          A ticket stub from The Duchess of Malfi
-          A picture of a Japanese rock garden

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