Monday, December 24, 2012

Day 24- Tiny Silhouettes

This is day 24 of our Holiday Miniature Marathon. If you want, you can start at Day One and "Shrink Your Favorite Book."
 It is nearly Christmas and if you need a quick but cute holiday gift for a grandparent this might solve your problems. Add in the fact that it costs nearly nothing and you have the perfect last-minute gift!

 Here is what I did.
1. I took a profile picture of my Son, Meka.

2. I printed it out on the printer in 5 x 7 inch size. I lightly glued the print out to a piece of black construction paper.

3. I cut out the picture carefully along the profile. I peeled the printout off of the paper. (I cut it out so quickly the glue has not dried yet.)

4. I glued the black silhouette onto a piece of white paper.

5. I scanned the portrait into the computer and shrunk it down to 1 inch, I printed out my tiny silhouette.

6. I cut out the silhouette and cut a piece of felt to cover it like a frame. I added a backing piece of cardboard and a bit of yarn to hang it and glued everything together. You could also use a paper or cardboard frame or even a dollhouse frame.

7. You are done. Repeat as needed for multiple children and relatives.

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