Monday, December 10, 2012

Day 10 -Paper hats, boats and boxes

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Ah, we are on to week 2 of our tiny Christmas crafts, with Day 10's, tiny paper goods!
Feel free to start from the beginning of our list, with Day 1- Shrink your Favorite Books.

Since Christmas is coming, you may be wondering what you should get for your dollhouse family. 
Here are some fun, things you can make from paper, using origami.

You can use decorative holiday paper to be festive, origami paper or newspaper, for a traditional paper hat/boat look.

Here is a link on how to make your own paper hats.  As with all of these instructions,  
just shrink your paper down to the dimensions you want. Which is teeny tiny.
These hats ended up about  an inch wide, I started with roughly about a 1 &1/2" x 2 & 1/4" piece of paper.

Here is a link, with directions to make your own paper boats.

And here is a link to make your boxes either with or without lids, your choice.

These could make really cute, custom gift boxes for regular Christmas gifts too,
esp. for tiny gifts like jewelry or homemade treats!

Whew! Now you can cross your dollhouse folks off your list, so settle in and enjoy!

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