Friday, October 26, 2012

Miniature fall scarecrows

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As Halloween approaches, our family usually visits a pumpkin patch or a harvest fest or two, and for the past 4 years we have made a scarecrow with the kids. This year we missed out on our harvest fest. due to rain, and did not make the annual scarecrow.
Sarah, showed me this adorable miniature scarecrow she made,above, and I was inspired to make one myself!

I love the pumpkin headed  scarecrows, and was inspired by Jack Skellington's entrance in the beginning of The Nightmare Before Christmas
A favorite movie around here.

There is no real tutorial for this, but it is still totally diy. The clothing was very simply, just cut felt or your chosen fabric in an "overall's shape", same for the shirt, and glue the sides together with the stick and bits of hay in between. Sarah used craft paper for her traditional faced scarecrow, and I used fimo clay for the pumpkin head.

Another reason these tiny scarecrows are better, at least around my house is I can save this guy, year after year. Our yearly, life size scarecrow, usually ends up in our backyard, long after he's wanted. Spring finally comes, and one of us (usually my husband) has had enough, and into the trash it goes, a soggy mess and hay everywhere.  Plus it usually takes me a few weeks to stop being startled by the scarecrow, every time I walk out the back door.

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