Monday, July 23, 2012

Crafts for the Dollhouse Family- part 2

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This is a continuation of Dollhouse Family Craft ideas, a follow up from
our previous post; Crafts For the Dollhouse Family

This time we offer some needlework for the dollhouse people
to work on.
Embroidered flower
Cotton embroidery thread on muslin.

Cross stitch clover
Cotton embroidery thread on linen.

I made these images on a 1 1/4" circle, then pressed the
form on my 1" Button Maker, model 100 (which I bought
years ago off of ebay).  If you do not have
a button maker, you can also make these by buying an aluminum button cover kit
 at the craft/fabric store, and pressing the fabric by hand.
I then glued the "button" onto a small circle of felt to
display on your dollhouse wall.

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